In this time of austere budgets, the DoD is looking for the most capable, most reliable, and lowest risk solution that can support today’s 1102 community with everything needed to perform the mission effectively and efficiently. PRISM™ provides the fastest time to Initial Operating Capability (IOC) and the most robust Full Operational Capability (FOC) available to the DoD today. PRISM has the highest rate of on-time on-budget implementations in the industry and is one of the leading alternatives currently being considered as a replacement to the DoD Standard Procurement System and other DoD legacy contract writing and management systems.

For over 30 years, Compusearch has demonstrated proven leadership in meeting and exceeding the functional, technical, and executive-level needs of the federal and defense acquisition communities. For the DoD services and agencies, we offer a mature, proven COTS solution that will accelerate acquisition and procurement while minimizing risk and reducing total operational costs.

We serve the defense acquisition community with focus on three critical areas:

1. Mission-specific acquisition capability Out-of-the-BoxPRISM provides complete acquisition and contracting lifecycle support for:

  • Big “A” acquisition for major weapon systems
  • CONUS contract lifecycle management
  • Contingency contracting
  • Classified contracting
  • Post-camp-station contracting
  • Grants lifecycle management
  • Out-of-the-box reporting

This is significant because each DoD organization has unique, complex, and demanding acquisition business requirements to effectively support their contracting mission. Major weapon system acquisition involves unique business processes for oversight, documentation, contractor interactions, disparate working groups and control procedures. The activity is core to the mission and involves approaches and operating models not necessarily shared across DoD. For example, the complex contractual structure of shipbuilding contracts ultimately have at their core contracts with CLINS, SLINS, concurrent modifications, clauses, and CDRLs (among other items) that must be handled in a DFARS-compliant manner and made available for enterprise-wide reporting.

2. A Common, Easily Adaptable, Contracting Business Process
PRISM COTS meets critical DoD acquisition and contracting lifecycle business process requirements out-of-the-box and provides the enhanced features and functionality that are needed to support the complexity of DFARS-compliant acquisition and procurement including rule-based user access, workflow, approvals, electronic signature, and workload management. PRISM's high level of built-in configurability offers a great deal of flexibility and control over system processes and security without any additional programming. 

Support of common and easily adaptable DFARS contracting business processes requires a mature, proven capability that seamlessly supports the business process, without distraction from the high-impact, mission-specific acquisition and oversight activities. Sustaining existing capabilities while building for the future is key—no lost capabilities. While certain DFARS activities can be viewed as routine, the complexity of the DoD acquisition business system environment (e.g., interfaces that are required with SAM systems and compliance with Procurement Data Standards, etc.), demands a common and easily adaptable COTS contracting business system.

3. Seamless Integration Across Enterprise Systems
Leveraging SOA, system integration needs to be responsive and flexible, and provide a real-time information exchange between acquisition systems, contracting writing systems, ERP systems, as well as other enterprise applications. With a modern business system platform like PRISM, integration between key business systems aligns with the plug-and-play adaptor approach commonly seen in commercial enterprises. Over a dozen DoD, federal and intelligence clients have integrated PRISM with their financial or ERP system and have achieved a clean audit.

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Compusearch is an active member and supporter of the National Contract Management Association. In addition to our regular participation and sponsorship of the NCMA, we also conduct executive management round table meetings, which focus on industry topics, such as compliance and regulatory impacts, and contracting best practices.

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