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Our Commitment to Innovation and a Track Record of Longevity and Success
Throughout our 30-plus year history as a COTS provider to government, PRISM has continually evolved to incorporate industry best practices and new technologies. Today, PRISM COTS is used by more federal civilian agencies than all other solutions combined, and with its track record of innovation, longevity, and success, PRISM offers FAR/DFARs-bound organizations the best solution on the market.

The innovation continues with the recent release of PRISM 7.2, which has been completely redesigned with an adaptive and dynamic user experience to support today's mobile and social workforce, to encourage and optimize collaboration between program offices and the contracting community that supports them. Compusearch and PRISM continue to set new industry benchmarks in acquisition software modernization.

Our success can be attributed to four key factors:

  1. Our Focused Commitment to Supporting Federal Acquisition and Grants Communities
    This is what we do.  It’s who we are.  It’s all we do.  Our primary line of business is US federal government acquisition grants management, and our clients are federal, defense, and intelligence organizations. PRISM was built from the ground up to support government acquisition and grants management and is designed to adapt to support a wide range of missions.
  2. A Demonstrated Track Record for Investing in Our Product
    We are first and foremost a product company.  The strength of our company is based on the reputation of our product. Each year, we invest in a large R&D budget for ongoing PRISM enhancements, including productivity enhancements, regulatory, and security compliance enhancements, and configurability enhancements. We also evaluate currently available technologies and seek ways to improve the integration, usability and performance of PRISM. 
  3. A Seasoned Team with Proven Development and Deployment Methodologies
    Mature development and services delivery methodologies are the cornerstones for successful IT software delivery and implementation. Our software development team has decades of combined experience and our methodology is CMMI certified. And our proven methodologies and professional services expertise have been demonstrated in more than 80 successful implementations and integrations with enterprise-wide acquisition systems. 
  4. Long-term Relationship with the US Federal Government Acquisition Community
    For the past three decades, Compusearch has worked very closely with its user community and the US federal government acquisition community at large through Compusearch-sponsored Shared Interest Groups (SIG), educational conferences, and senior procurement executive roundtable sessions that facilitate cross-agency collaboration and the sharing of best practices. Compusearch also actively participates in planning sessions for US federal government initiatives and industry-sponsored committees/taskforces focused on acquisition and related issues. This long term relationship has allowed us to be at the forefront of US federal government acquisition and gives us a strong understanding of how to best support this community.

Federal and defense organizations use PRISM to successfully automate the following areas:

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Compusearch is an active member and supporter of the National Contract Management Association. In addition to our regular participation and sponsorship of the NCMA, we also conduct executive management round table meetings, which focus on industry topics, such as compliance and regulatory impacts, and contracting best practices.

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