Compusearch brings Acquisition Modernization to the U.S. International Trade Commission

Secure, SaaS Contract Writing Solution is delivering paperless procurement efficiency

Dulles, VA, February 20, 2015 – Compusearch® is pleased to announce the U.S. International Trade Commission is now using the latest PRISM™ version as its Contract Writing Solution (CWS).  PRISM™ is securely delivered through the Cloud on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription basis.

The Commission’s vision is to manage its buying activities through an efficient, modern web-based application supporting the full acquisition management lifecycle, while at the same time avoiding the costs, time and IT skills commitment associated with maintaining its own agency-unique procurement system.  In the SaaS delivery model Compusearch is responsible for the management of the PRISM™ IT environment, application hosting, security, operations and maintenance including the application of new versions, and the staffing of a helpdesk.  A Service Level Agreement (SLA) clarifies and reinforces the service expectations of each SaaS PRISM™ subscriber.

Compusearch completed a small services engagement to accelerate the Commission’s move to SaaS PRISM™.  This included the running of configuration workshops, the delivery of training classes and the migration of USITC’s legacy contracts data.  The emphasis was on helping the Commission’s procurement professionals quickly realize the benefits of acquisition modernization, for instance through integrated Reverse Auctioning as well as achieving Paperless Contracting, enabled through the FedConnect® vendor portal extension to PRISM™.

“We are pleased the International Trade Commission selected Compusearch to deliver acquisition modernization,” said Compusearch CEO Reid Jackson.  “By leveraging the Cloud and the SaaS delivery model, USITC will benefit from focusing on contract writing, safe in the knowledge that Compusearch is responsible for hosting, operating, maintaining and enhancing the system infrastructure.  And all this more cost-effectively than if USITC had implemented a new agency-unique procurement system behind its own firewall.”

About Compusearch
Compusearch is the leading provider of software and services that advance commerce and collaboration among government agencies and contractors.  Compusearch’s PRISM™ is the contract writing system for defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies.  PRISM™ has been proven easy-to-learn by more than 50,000 users in nearly every cabinet-level department, and is the only solution that provides acquisition and grants professionals both agility and control. PRISM brings customers the fullest and soonest initial-operating capability (IOC), full auditability, and a long unrivaled track record. 

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