Federal Agencies Make the Move to the PRISM Reverse Auction Solution

Transparency, Auditability, Compliance, Efficiency and Ease of Use Make Reverse Auctions in PRISM the Safe and Effective Choice

August 9, 2016, Washington, DC – Compusearch announced today the full general availability of its Reverse Auctions solution.  After successful pilot programs at four leading federal agencies during a period of limited availability, Compusearch is now allowing all of DoD and Civilian agencies to use Reverse Auctions in PRISM®.

Compusearch’s CEO, Reid Jackson, revealed that, “Twelve of 15 cabinet-level agencies have long relied on our PRISM acquisition software as their system of record for their contracting activities. Their interest in the new Reverse Auctions capability continues to be extraordinarily high. Years ago, federal agencies discovered the great potential of reverse auctions to reduce prices paid and lead time necessary to buy products and simple services. Before they began using the Reverse Auctions capability in PRISM, they were frustrated by the inefficiency and risks of rekeying solicitation information into third-party systems.”

Over 50,000 Acquisition professionals that already use PRISM can now use the Reverse Auctions capability integrated directly into the PRISM workflow, now generally available in the 7.2 versions of PRISM. Acquisition professionals in the three cabinet-level agencies that do not yet use PRISM can use a FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based version of the Reverse Auctions service. Compusearch provides Contracting Officers direct access to a group of seasoned acquisition professionals who support Reverse Auctions to maximize competition, maintain compliance, and generate savings. Separately, Compusearch maintains an experienced sourcing team to call suppliers’ attention to imminent, relevant Reverse Auctions. Over 120,000 SAM-certified suppliers have already registered to participate in PRISM solicitations of all types, including Reverse Auctions. Over a million transactions and billions of dollars’ worth of contracts have been successfully processed through the portal.

“Customers had been asking us to add Reverse Auctions to all the other types of acquisitions that PRISM supports. Until now, they had to rekey Reverse Auction data into a third party app like FedBid,” explained Paul Edelmann, head of Product Management for Compusearch. He summarized, “Our Reverse Auction users quickly see that they can get better prices more quickly from vendors and do so much more efficiently and with the help of respectful, seasoned professionals. These are Acquisition experts; they know and choose better value when they see it.”

Federal Acquisition professionals who’d like a briefing should contact Patrick Hobson at phobson@compusearch.com

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