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Each year, government agencies struggle to keep the records of vendor and grantee interactions, i.e. applicant responses, emails, faxes, phone calls, and letters from slipping through the cracks. Much of this information is still stored in paper files and never makes it into their electronic acquisition and grant management systems as part of the final electronic system of record.

The result? Incomplete records with a high probability for permanent information loss.

For government agencies using PRISM, Compusearch's acquisition and grants management solution, the FedConnect® product solves this problem by fully integrating the vendors and grantees into the overall electronic process — without compromising agency security.

Here’s how the FedConnect/PRISM Integration works…

Agencies use PRISM to create opportunities and awards, and then click a button in PRISM to post them to FedConnect. Vendors and applicants go to FedConnect (, a shared services cloud-based solution where they can review the postings and electronically acknowledge receipt, register for future notifications, and create and submit responses (bids/proposals/grant applications).  Throughout the process, agencies and vendors/applicants can use the Message Center, available in both PRISM and FedConnect, to send email-style messages, including questions and attachments, back and forth through the secure PRISM/FedConnect pipe.  All these interactions and transactions between the agency and the vendors/applicants are captured as part of the permanent electronic record acquisition/grants within PRISM.  

The FedConnect product complements and extends the functionality of both FedBizOpps and by adding the bi-directional communication to the three lifecycle phases; pre-award, award and post-award.

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