PRISM Acquisition

PRISM™ is a powerful, web-based application that provides federal and defense acquisition communities with the tools needed to effectively support the complete acquisition management lifecycle, from initial planning and requisitioning through source selection, award, post award management, and closeout.

PRISM 7.2 takes a dramatic leap forward in innovation, featuring a highly adaptive and dynamic user experience that fully supports today’s mobile and social workforce to encourage and optimize collaboration between program offices and the contracting community. PRISM brings together key stakeholders – the program office staff, contracting professionals, and financial managers – and links them as a community for greater efficiency, productivity, and operational transparency.

PRISM Accelerates...

Team Collaboration  "to improve efficiency in a highly mobile and social work environment"
PRISM 7.2 embraces collaboration by providing the ability to set up collaborative team spaces where you can define the people who participate on the acquisition team and the roles that they will play. Collaborative team spaces help increase communication between the program office and the contracting teams to improve process efficiency and eliminate the delays often associated with incomplete or inaccurate packages, duplicate data entry, and lack of visibility throughout the process.

User Adaptability  "to meet the unique needs of an ever changing workforce"
PRISM’s Web 2.0 interface streamlines processes and organizes content and functions so that they are logical and intuitive. PRISM’s user-centric approach increases productivity and efficiency and reduces user adoption time. Integrated guidance and field level help can be configured by your organization to support a wide range of users with varying levels of capabilities. And since today’s workforce is ever changing, PRISM is fully engineered to capture the knowledge and experience of more senior personnel to provide just-in-time training to users around the globe.

Operational Flexibility  "to adapt to changing mission requirements"
PRISM 7.2 is COTS 2.0 – it’s flexible and adaptable. There are literally thousands of ways to configure PRISM 7.2 without ever having to change a line of software code. This is adaptable workflow on steroids. As agency missions change, PRISM is easily configured. Compusearch manages the regulatory changes that are associated with federal and DoD acquisition, so agencies can spend more time focused on the important issues of supporting their missions.

Application Integration "to seamlessly extend an organizations mission capabilities"
Out of the box, PRISM’s architecture is fully extendable and provides agencies with the confidence that it can continue to evolve to support their future integration requirements. PRISM is built upon a modular and highly configurable SOA-compliant architecture, and is fully integrated with a wide range of government and DoD systems. PRISM has proven time and again that it can interface seamlessly with other systems within your organization’s stack – systems such as finance, and inventory management.

Deployment Scenarios  "to ensure the mission is on-time, on-budget and on-scope"
PRISM provides organizations with immediate Initial Operational Capability (IOC), and requires only limited enhancement for Full Operational Capability (FOC). A secure “zero client footprint” solution, PRISM can be deployed in a wide range of scenarios — on single laptop, hosted in the cloud, in both high or low bandwidth centralized server environments, and even when there is no or intermittent access to the centralized server. PRISM’s flexible architecture supports these scenarios out-of-the-box to deliver lower deployment cost risk and  "on-time, on-budget and on-scope" system implementations.

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