Compusearch’s PRISM software application was developed specifically to manage the acquisition process of government agencies where the procurement process is bound by complex acquisition regulations such as the FAR or DFARs. PRISM supports the pre-award, award and post-award processes of the entire acquisition lifecycle—providing support for planning and requisitioning throughout the approval process, solicitation preparation and posting, bid evaluation, contract award, contract management, and close out. 

We have specifically and thoughtfully made the PRISM solution modular in order to best fit the unique mission needs and business system architectures of our clients. The foundation of the application is the core functionality required by contracting officers and other buyers, but it also includes a range of modules, tools, and reports that address the needs of all users participating in the acquisition process including requisitions, reviewers, approvers, and evaluators.

Configurable and Adaptable to Your Mission
One of PRISM’s strengths is its proven configurability and adaptability to support the specific program and mission goals required of the organization. Our product is proven across dozens of FAR-bound and FAR-like agencies, each with differing missions and objectives.  

PRISM can be implemented within an organization’s existing business system architecture. The configurability of the solution provides the ability to use specific PRISM modules or the entire suite of capabilities. PRISM also provides end users with specific functions based upon the rights and privileges given to that user. For example, program office staff members have the ability to create requisitions, but not the right to award contracts.

Throughout all of the different phases of the acquisition lifecycle, PRISM is able to post and receive data to and from the organization’s business systems, including financial data such as commitments, obligations, and related data.

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