PRISM Helps DOI Streamline Department Business Procedures and Add Management Efficiency


The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI)


The U.S. Department of Interior is charged with protecting America’s great outdoors and powering our future. The department realized they had separate management systems, approaches, and procedures across its many bureaus and offices. DOI decided to standardize their business processes across their operating bureaus in one Financial and Business Management System (FBMS). 


The DOI had over 80 DOI and bureau-specific financial, acquisition, financial assistance, and other management systems. In addition, each DOI bureau had their own processes and procedures. The challenge was to implement one consolidated management system and standardize DOI processes, data and management.


The DOI implemented a COTS solution for FBMS that included and SAP financial system and Compusearch PRISM for acquisition and financial assistance. The DOI embarked on a cyclical implementation process with each deployment increasing functional scope while transitioning additional bureaus into FBMS. Each deployment included “blue-printing” sessions to introduce the standard COTS approach to new bureaus, but also provide these bureaus some flexibility provided in the PRISM site hierarchy and workflow to configure to their own needs.


The DOI considers FBMS a cornerstone of the department’s management future. FBMS has enabled the DOI to realize the benefits of common processes, a common technology platform, integration of real time data, and improved operational decision making.