USAID Relies on PRISM for Global Acquisition Operations


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is the independent federal agency that manages U.S. foreign economic and humanitarian assistance programs around the world.

Working with individuals, governments, and other organizations, USAID supports sustainable development: economic and social growth that does not exhaust local resources; that does not damage the economic, cultural, or natural environment; that permanently increases the cohesion and productive capacity of the society; and that builds local institutions that involve and empower the citizenry.


Improve USAID’s acquisition operation efficiency worldwide through the use of more advanced technology and improved business processes. To achieve this goal USAID required the deployment of a single, enterprise-wide, full-cycle acquisition management system.


Implement PRISM, known within USAID as the GLobal Acquisition and Assistance System (GLaaS). The GLaaS project included the following functional areas:

  • Requisition generation
  • Contract/grant writing system
  • Real-time interface with the agency's financial system
  • Procurement workload management
  • Data management
  • Contract/grant administration

Compusearch was also responsible for supporting the implementation of PRISM, which included developing USAID-specific customizations, testing functionality, and developing an interface between PRISM and USAID’s financial management system, Phoenix. Compusearch also provided the business transformation support needed to configure PRISM to match newly established USAID business processes, and the operations and maintenance services such as training and help desk support in the production environment.


Since December 2006, more than 150 Washington, D.C. area USAID staffers are using PRISM. PRISM has since been deployed to 2,000 users at 82 locations worldwide. Examples of mission locations include Bagdad, Iraq, Kiev, Ukraine, Lima, Peru, Bangkok, Thailand, Accra, Ghana and San Salvador, El Salvador.

Compusearch and PRISM continue to serve  USAID to provide:

  • 100 percent enterprise-level visibility into contracting actions
  • Compliant requisitions, solicitations, and contracts
  • Real-time accuracy in financial system reporting
  • More efficient acquisition and grants lifecycle